The audience is seated, the house lights dim, and your ensemble takes the stage for their European concert debut! This is the moment you have all anticipated—the culmination of months of planning, rehearsing and dreaming finally comes to fruition.  At Maestro by Tumlare, we understand the magnitude of this experience and we work tirelessly and passionately to ensure that each concert and performance is an inspirational and memorable experience for you and your participants.

There are many forms of performances available, but the excitement of a formal concert in full dress will often be the highlight for an ensemble.  Choirs may also choose to participate in the mass at a local church or cathedral.  The warmth shared by local congregations, and the opportunity to provide a short concert afterward, make this an attractive option for some.

Each performance is important to your musicians, and with Tumlare’s twenty European offices, we have the local connections to match each ensemble with the best concert and stage opportunities.  Our on-site team will handle all the details of your performances so groups can relax and enjoy presenting their music at well-attended concert venues, with soaring acoustics and appreciative audiences.


Gamla stan, the Medieval Center

DESTINATION:  Stockholm, Sweden On the Baltic, Sweden’s majestic capital is built on 14 islands, connected by 57 bridges.  This diverse city is comprised of charming old town features, modern design, and a substantial amount of green space.  Top attractions can be visited, such as the Vasa Museum which houses the world’s only preserved 17th century ship, and the Gamla Stan, the unspoiled medieval center where Stockholm was founded in 1252.

FUN FACT:  Stockholm’s Royal National City Park is the world’s first National Urban Park, stretching more than six miles long.

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What’s with the Dolphins?

We are often asked about our logo and mascots, “What’s with the dolphins?”…”You are specialists in performance and education tours, right?  Or are you an aquarium?”  And our answer is always, “It’s a long story. Yes. NO.”

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Our Worldwide Offices

Tumlare’s world presence is unequaled, and highlighted by our 20 European offices; each excels in their knowledge, understanding, and creativity in the coordination of your tour—and every location employs our own experienced staff.  

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We are excited to participate in these 2018 conferences:

  • ACDA Children’s Choir Conductor’s Retreat, Houston
  • ACDA Central & North Central, Chicago
  • ASTA, Atlanta
  • ACDA Western, Pasadena
  • Chorus America, Chicago
  • TCDA/TODA/TBA, San Antonio

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