What motivates your ensemble to perform and travel abroad?  Inspiration can be sourced from every facet of life, and when it comes to successful performance tours your visions may be aroused by any or all of the senses.  Was your enthusiasm awakened by a Mozart concerto, a European family history, a beautiful photo, or a desire to visit the birthplaces and important locales of musical luminaries?

The consultants of Maestro by Tumlare look forward to encouraging your goals with an individual consultation.  For additional wellsprings of creativity, take a look at our on-line inspiration pieces, including our focus destination of Italy, image galleries, and sample itineraries.

What is your muse?

Peterhof Palace

Peterhof Palace

DESTINATION: Saint Petersburg, Russia

Peter the Great started building this city with a vision, and even now the city is still being constructed with the same symmetry and influences.  St. Petersburg is known for being a cultural and intellectual hub, a place you can visit some of the best art galleries and historic estates.  Located along the Neva River and the Baltic Sea, this former Imperial capital’s historic district is a UNESCO World Heritage site in itself.

Fun Fact: For over 70 years in the 20th century, Saint Petersburg had two name changes, going by Petrograd and then Leningrad before finally being changed back to its current and most well-known title.


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What’s with the Dolphins?

We are often asked about our logo and mascots, “What’s with the dolphins?”…”You are specialists in performance and education tours, right?  Or are you an aquarium?”  And our answer is always, “It’s a long story. Yes. NO.”

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Our Worldwide Offices

Tumlare’s world presence is unequaled, and highlighted by our 20 European offices; each excels in their knowledge, understanding, and creativity in the coordination of your tour—and every location employs our own experienced staff.  

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We are excited to participate in these 2018 conferences:

  • ACDA Children’s Choir Conductor’s Retreat, Houston
  • ACDA Central & North Central, Chicago
  • ASTA, Atlanta
  • ACDA Western, Pasadena
  • Chorus America, Chicago
  • TCDA/TODA/TBA, San Antonio

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