Master Classes

Not every performance needs to be a formal event.  Enhance your ensembles’ perspective with a focused master class of your choice.   Experts in the field, be it an accomplished conductor, composer, or educator, can expand technique and outlook with a fresh and European point of view.  Master classes can be provided to full ensembles or sections, and usually involve one-on-one instruction between each musician and the master.

There are many opportunities for including a master class in your itinerary.  Take advantage of a particular destination on your tour, or consider that a master class prior to a concert can stimulate the performer’s achievements on stage.  While master classes are typically provided to students of a particular discipline in music, master classes can also be arranged in other artistic fields, such as drawing, drama, and painting.

Bruges' Grot Markt

Grot Markt

DESTINATION:  Bruges, Belgium

The capital of the province of West Flanders, Bruges is located in the Flemish Region of Belgium.  While the harbor has since silted up, its charming canals remain a symbol of this well preserved town.  A UNESCO world heritage site, the historic city center is home to Michelangelo’s statue of Madonna and Child in the Church of Our Lady.  Be sure to climb the Bell Tower and visit its carillon room.

FUN FACT:  Bruges is populated with French fry stands, and is home to its own French Fry Museum showcasing the origin of this potato delight.


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