Customized sports tours for your team, created with a perfectly matched balance between athletics, competition, and cultural exchange!   A journey motivated by the communal goals of helping coaches and players acquire technical tools to improve and become a more complete, competitive and disciplined team.  An experience made richer by traveling through historic Europe, and experiencing different training techniques and perspectives.

Sporting events, activities, and team travel provide the perfect opportunity to compete with local European clubs, participate in series games, and take advantage of instruction with top European franchises to perfect your craft!  Players will share everything from the early stages of warm-up, to rule set preparation, and practice with well-matched teams and athletes.  Scrimmage with locals, compete in mini-tournaments, or attend training camps; there can also be unique events associated with professional clubs, such as Manchester United!

International travel itineraries are always specific to each team and are created to support the athletic and traveling goals of each group, whether youth, high school, college, or adult.  Basketball, baseball, volleyball, and other games are popular and exciting entertainment across Europe.  Participate and exchange with local teams and learn valuable lessons in your sport, while enjoying a challenging and meaningful exchange with your new peers.  The technique, experience, competitive spirit and friendship between players from different cultures and countries, united by sports, will create a truly memorable and formative experience to be treasured for a lifetime!




2019 Celebrates Tumlare's 47th year of unparalleled success in arranging tour support throughout Europe!
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Our Worldwide Offices

Tumlare’s world presence is unequaled, and highlighted by our 20 European offices; each excels in their knowledge, understanding, and creativity in the coordination of your tour—and every location employs our own experienced staff.  

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We are excited to participate in musical conferences throughout the year, including exhibiting at:

  • TCDA/TODA/TBA, San Antonio – July, 2019

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