Direct Billing

Concerned about chasing down payments?  There’s a lot of responsibility involved in collecting tour costs for an entire ensemble.  Tumlare will manage your participants’ individual accounts via direct billing, based on your ensemble’s payment plan.  We will email or send invoices directly to registered participants, while providing group leaders with periodic updates of account statuses.

Tumlare offers a number of payment options including personal checks, money orders, and major credit cards. Group members can contact our customer service representatives by phone or email with any questions or concerns regarding their accounts.  Allow us to unburden you by supervising the travel and administrative details, granting you additional time to focus on the music.


The city's colorful buildings

DESTINATION:  Sighisoara, Romania  

Originally built as a protective defense city to watch over the then Hungarian Kingdom, Sighisoara is one of the oldest fortresses still inhabited.  The city is filled with historic towers once used to keep watch for enemies and which now serve as beautiful landmarks, such as the famous Clock Tower.  For the past fifteen years the major attraction of this city is their summer Medieval Arts Festival where you can partake in numerous activities:  music, art, film, dance, concerts, theatre, book exhibitions, and more.

FUN FACT:  Bram Stoker’s fictional creation, Count Dracula, was thought to be based off of the real life “Dracula”, Vlad Tepes (Vlad the Impaler), who was born in Sighisoara and whose birthplace can still be visited to this day.


2019 Celebrates Tumlare's 47th year of unparalleled success in arranging tour support throughout Europe!
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Our Worldwide Offices

Tumlare’s world presence is unequaled, and highlighted by our 20 European offices; each excels in their knowledge, understanding, and creativity in the coordination of your tour—and every location employs our own experienced staff.  

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We are excited to participate in musical conferences throughout the year, including exhibiting at:

  • TCDA/TODA/TBA, San Antonio – July, 2019

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